Welcome to Belmopan International Women’s Group Blog Home


Welcome Ladies!!!

In our attempt to keep everyone informed and “not left out” we have created this as an addition to the monthly newsletter.  Soon you will be able to leave comments that can contain questions or notices of what you would like to let everyone in the group know. It will still be reviewed before approved in order to make sure we don’t have unnecessary spam on our board.

We will soon have sections of the newsletter posted here as well as those wanting to be listed in a business section. Recipes for those delicious and favorite dishes brought to our meetings would also be appreciated. Wouldn’t it be fun to have our own little BIWG cookbook!!

We will also be adding a newcomers section here for tips of those coming to our community. It may take a while and will be an ongoing work in progress. If you have questions please leave them in comment form so we get them and can answer them in a timely manner.

We will be adding updated information about all those we help in and around the Belize Community in order for you to see our efforts in action. Our outreach and fundraising programs are a great way to support our community and help those in tight places.  Nothing like keeping the Love alive in a growing nation.

Thank You,


BIWG Mandate


The Group shall foster pleasant relations among women residing in Belmopan and promote understanding

i)           It shall endeavor to assist members by introducing them to various aspects of Belizean life

ii)          It shall assist, as much as possible, welfare projects in the Belmopan area

iii)        The Group shall be non-political and non-sectarian.

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